Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Scar Tissue

Back again with a follow up for my last post...turns out I have a lump of scar tissue. I was very pleased when my doctor went through the effort to make my x-ray appointment happen but disappointed with her lack of advice to how to DEAL with the scar tissue. She only advised me to let her know if it got larger or more tender. Not to worry though, as I've been doing my own reading and looking around to see what is to be done about it. (And, of course, if anyone reading this has experience with going through the process of removing scar tissue that's been causing pain and immobility, please share :))
It seems that the course of action is to break up the scar tissue to be reabsorbed by my body manually and then strengthen the ligaments/muscle surrounding the area. I'll be looking into the possibility of working with some kind of physical therapist. In the mean time, I guess I will be aware and gentle with my left hasn't been painful for several days now, which is great, but I still have some difficulty touching my left heel to the back of my leg (er, butt) without it pinching some. I would really love for the discomfort to be gone...

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