Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Polaroids and People

Photographed by Carlos Torreblanca, February 2012

I have had a lot of stuff going on lately and some amazing experiences with amazing people and a very successful shoot! I got to meet my model-crush-idol (SQUEE!) and have gotten really close with an old friend who is visiting/staying at my house from out of state. I totally blew off all my schoolwork this weekend, but, am trying to make up for that. It was kind of worth it, though. My shoot (photos above) was kind of far away but I was well paid and spent enough time there for it to work out. I got a little lost, but at least there was no traffic. I met another inspirational model at the shoot and may even get the chance to model some corsets in the near future! :D I really like how these images came out - they are a little different for me, but I like that as I feel I need more variety in my portfolio. I like that there is something somewhat voyeuristic about these images, touched with a little moodiness. I don't know if that's what other people read into them, but that's what I see. I look forward to working with Carlos again, he was a cool guy. I loved the random Spanish music he was playing in the studio. haha.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Photo by Larry Raye, February 2012

The rainy days are here again. But the last shoot I did was during the nicer part of the day. Larry and I met at Peet's, enjoyed getting to know each other over black coffee, and then headed to a park nearby to shoot with Iris, my Brazilian Rainbow Boa. It was the first time I've taken her out of my house farther than the front of back yard. I was nervous, because a) she was far from a heat source and subject to dry air for a while and b) she can really move, when she decides to. Of course, I had her contained in a large storage bin with an old shirt for her to hide under, and a spray bottle, just in case. I did not plan for her to be out longer than a half an hour or so. She tried to dive for the ground when I first took her out but when we got to a good place she calmed a little. Iris is not the most still serpent around. She wants to get places. I hope that Larry was okay with all her movement. I know it's frustrating shooting a constant and unpredictably moving creature.

The rest of the shoot went well. We did a lot more hiking than shooting. It was cloudy and ready to rain by the time I got home in the afternoon. I found myself feeling strange and somehow "off" (it's been happening a lot lately) and had difficulty getting what I needed done. 

There is a word I used, or maybe it was Jake, for this image, that was longing. I do feel that there is much longing in my life right now. I am longing for other places, things, or people at any given point in time. I gather this all has to do with feeling unhappy. You want anything else but to face your own unhappiness when you are unhappy. Now that I've addressed that, I think I can stop "going" and appreciate what is here, now, and focus on what I am trying to accomplish here, now....have longing for what's in front of me.

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