Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Post About Props

I like to keep my potential and current collaborators updated with things about me so they can better understand my interests, personality, character, and capabilities. Here I had just thought that I should highlight the random costumes, props, and miscellaneous items I own that could make for nice additions to a photo(shoot), a drawing session, whatever :]


♦ I own several bone bits and skulls, none very large
♦ I own a white wolf tail, two silverfox tails and a coyote tail.
♦ several collections of feathers, including peacock (normal and bleached), turkey, rooster, hawk/owl, pheasant, etc.


LOADS of jewelry - seriously
♦hip/belly chains
♦scarves, fabric
♦skeleton keys
♦black metal handcuffs 
♦old perfume bottles (not the antique kind with the puffer thing)

Costume/Misc Clothing Items 

♦sheer & lace "nighties"
♦lacy leotard as well as a full body leotard (black)
♦an underbust corset in  black
a black and red reversible velvet cloak
♦knee-high platform boots of the goth variety - no high heel, lots of straps/buckles
♦an awesome black cyber-goth outfit! complete with garter leg flares, halter top and mini skirt
♦a small collection of lingerie, tights, thigh high tights (no garters currently, if you purchase me a garter belt you get to shoot me in it! )
♦formal dresses
♦hood hats, fuzzy with ears ^_^
♦pocket/hip belts
♦black satin elbow-gloves
♦feather boas
♦leather bra that I made (looks rustic)

Potential Props 

♦woven baskets
♦HULA HOOPS! -minis, fire, LED, and normal 
♦a lantern
♦a crystal ball 
♦a black briefcase

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Important Rant ?

A very good message...inspirational and much needed for me in my life.

I feel that many of my past blogs highlight the downs in my life, and hardly the ups. Which, I want to assure you, with my modeling, that is not the case :] I enjoy my modeling very much, and take it seriously. I know I have much more practice to be had before 'becoming' the amazing model I want to be, but I have been well informed that I am already pretty amazing, for which I am grateful. I know part of my existence is To Serve. I am a People Pleaser, and I like to perform well and be credited now and then, because as a (mostly) Extrovert, part of how I perceive myself and deal with my inner world has to be reflected in my outer world and touched by other people outside of me. If I make someone happy, and they show that to me, and to others, I feel gratified, and like I have meaning, and that I am doing things right. And vice-versa. I do realize there is even more to be said that can be helpful in discovering my inner world and relying on how I feel and think about myself that is equally (if not more) important; which is why I can't rely on my modeling to absolutely justify my existence; because I will have good days, and I will have not so good days, and sometimes I will be the perfect model for someone and a not-so-desirous model for another....and that's okay. At least I'm getting a kick out of it ;]

I do think that even though I enjoy my modeling, I can't allow myself and my time to be used inappropriately, (which fortunately rarely happens) and my modeling is not the only and primary way I want to live and be recognized. But I do want to continue to do it for as long as I can [:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


A lapse of time....since I last wrote. 

Back track to late summer of 2013 - that is when these photos are from. 
It was a successful shoot, and these are some of the final edits and some of my favorite exploration edits from it (I just got them, wee!). By now, my hair is shorter and a little less wild.

All photos are from Alen Barbosa, 2013.
These images were taken from a small photo 'class'. I modeled for the afternoon session after the lovely Dakini, who I had the chance of at least saying "hey! nice to meet you!" to, at least, when she was leaving. I remember thinking at the time that I was so surprised each time I've met another model in person that they seem so small in person than they appear in their photos - as in, they are small framed, with lovely petite features, unlike how they seem in photos, where I imagine them being super tall and grandiose. Either way, I think it's great :]

(classic Mauvais torso shot ;P)

Fast forward to now ... 

I am beginning to schedule some shoots for the near future, but I am still modeling for the GGA, almost full time it seems. It's been almost a week since I've been there, however. The last time I was there, I was modeling for a night session with a small group of artists. There was a fierce wind storm and as I was posing I noticed the lights flicker several times. I had the feeling the power would go out unexpectedly at any moment....which... it did. After some time passed, and we knew it may not come back for several hours, everyone dispersed. No, I was not posing when the lights went out, but it wouldn't have bothered me if they had. I've enjoyed the time off and I haven't. I continue to go back and forth between feeling good and feeling unhappy. I need to take care of myself.

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