Sunday, March 11, 2012

SF shoot, photos from a fellow model

Photos taken by Keira Grant, March 2012.

I had another successful shoot in the city today. Starting out in the city already (vs. driving in the morning of) works SO much better. Thank you Tobias! My shoot today consisted of dancer-ish poses in black shorts and a strapless bra. I will later be made into composite images with my arms/legs turning into inkdrips. Pretty stoked. Plus the photographer, Bonnie, was super chill. It was worth the $20 parking (ugh, fuck parking in SF) and the baby oil (good for the pictures, probably horrible for my skin) and getting super cold 
(from the air from the fan). I can't wait to see the finished images :] I'm happy with the photos Keira sent me. I made the last one my new avatar for my Model Mayhem profile. I still kind of wish I was better at this whole modeling/posing thing, but, I'm just going to stop beating my head against the wall for that.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Photo by Eric Hiss, February 2012. One out of the many Ring Series (more to come in the future).

I'm officially taking a break from modeling for a while, because school is getting work-heavy and I need to make sure I spend time doing that...the pressure to pass these classes is on and I'm a terrible student. I'm making the exception for a few shoots I had previously scheduled for this month already, but not taking on new projects. In the mean time, I think I'll do some self portraiture to see and better understand my movements and how I pose, and how to improve. But after I study, of course :p

Monday, March 5, 2012

Art Models Unite!

 A sort of "behind the scene" shot of model Keira Grant in her natural environment. Unedited photo taken by me.

 Taken by me. Edited black and white image. Model is Keira.

Edited image, taken by me. Model is Keira.
March 2012.

I've had the opportunity and delight to meet one of my most inspirational/influential art models in the area again, this time to shoot and model a bit together. It was fun, I wished I didn't have to leave when I did, but that's life. I ended up shooting Keira a bit, which is cool for the experience and I actually like some of the photos I took (shocker). I look forward to seeing her images and the ones of both of us modeling together and reuniting with her in the near future :] 

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