Sunday, July 29, 2012

Night Shoot
Photos by Steve Gatlin

I am waiting on some film scans from Steve from a shoot we did on Friday night. I can't wait :] It was nice to work with him again - I really dig that he's into film photography and shooting at night. It's a real refresher from the typical digital, studio nude photography. Plus it being summertime makes it all the better to get naked at night! Not that it's been a particularly warm summer here....
This last shoot was done close to home (the photos here are from our first shoot, taken on Treasure Island), which was convenient for me because I needed to work the next day. We had a good long talk after about some of his recent work and photography and whatnot and it reminded me that he is such a cool person, and I feel  honored to work with him. 
When I get some images from our most recent post....I'll share :]

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


In progress drawing by Ryan Frederickson, 2012

Here is a (verylowquality) cell phone photo of the modeling I've been up to out in Napa with Ryan. Over the course of three sessions I believe, and he's getting closer to being done :] It's really fun for me to model for such a talented artist, and to see his work and realize, hey, that actually looks like me!
I have also enjoyed watching his progress, trying to learn from watching him, and feeling quite accomplished at the end of our session, somehow, even if all I did was lay there for around three hours (with breaks).

I wish I had more time though to be practicing my own drawing, and to be doing more life modeling, but school has cut my time again, and so has my new apprenticeship at a tattoo shop. Yes, I've been busy, and while it's all very rewarding, or will be rewarding, sometimes I wish I had more time to myself.

I decided that I'm not doing trade shoots for a while. With all my driving around and doing jobs that are not paying me I really can't just let photographers not pay me for my modeling. But, not that anyone is really shooting with me soon because of my busy schedule.

Yes, I can say that life modeling for artists is definitely my favorite genre of modeling. I love fine art nude photography as well, but it makes sense to me that I love art modeling for artists so much because that was what got me interested in modeling to begin with. I admired the models I drew in my figure drawing classes so much, and appreciated them for modeling for me, and thought, maybe I could do that too. And now, here I am :]

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