Thursday, February 28, 2013

Photo Class

Crappy cell phone photo:
Kisses for my boyfriend. Enjoying the sunshine with my music and my hoops before getting ready for my photo session :P

I had a new experience in my journey as an art model last night - modeling for a photography class. It was a local gig, and a small class (about 7 students) but I was feeling somewhat nervous. I'm definitely still a new model, and not as used to photography even if that is a lot of what I do now a days. But working with one or two photogs is easy - working with 7 is not yet easy for me. Not that it was difficult - I just like knowing what the photog wants or expects of me....not very self-directed I guess? But then, maybe it was the nerves? Anyway, it seemed a bit unorganized and a bit chaotic to me, though eventually I relaxed more. I overheard something someone say about the previous model and that brought on a tiny insecure voice in the back of my head. I may not be the most outgoing model out there, and especially when working with new people, but I fear at times that my quietness and focus is taken for being boring. I guess I just like to take things more in a more serious manner typically, in part because I'm shy. It frustrates me. I'm working on it...
But then at the end of the session a lot of praise was given to me, and there was talk of my coming back and some of the students even offered to connect me with other artists that I could work with in the future.
I do have another workshop or two coming up, which I will tend to in an open attitude and see how it goes. I do tend to think that each of my modeling experiences are slowly adding to making me a better model when I am feeling more optimistic but other times I feel that I should stop kidding myself and just give it up. It's a weird line to walk, and I need to just ditch it.

\end blarg

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Home Again

Photo by Jim Henderson, 2013
(it is an infared photo)

I've been home in the lovely sunny San Francisco Bay Area again for a while now, but after dealing with some personal things I am back in the swing of things (I hope ._.) I am waiting for images from my Seattle photog but otherwise pretty happy with the results from everyone else. Some I have not put up since they are proofs. I am pleased that on my first solo road trip and first attempt at being a traveling art model I (at least!) broke even on my trip. Yay! Anyway. 

I am happy to have finally scored some very local gigs for art and photography classes! I have my first photography class session tomorrow evening. Come to think of it - this will be the first time I'll have modeled for a photo class. I am anticipating it will be somewhat different, but I'll just have to find out. 
I am happy about this (and an upcoming painting class gig) because as I've probably mentioned before, my love for modeling for learning purposes makes me the most happy. I do love being a part of creating art and molding myself to a vision when I work with photographers, but I feel there is more purpose at times for being the subject of someone who is learning to do something with the figure. That definitely comes from my own experience back in figure drawing (which, I should really get back into!)

I am thinking I may need to finally catch up in the technology age and get myself a smart phone. Then it'd be easier to post images of in-progress artworks and keep track of my schedule through a better calendar (if you've worked with me before, you may remember that I often suffer from short term memory issues - such a shame for someone so young -_- and that is part of the work I have to do with my modeling! - just remembering my schedule! ugh...). My main issue is my fear of being one of "those" people who are glued to their phones. I am already a bit glued to my phone and it doesn't even have access to the internet. It may just mean practicing a bit more discipline :] Which I realize I need to to in many areas of my life. It'll happen. I just have to make it.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Port Townsend

Here I am chilling in the sweetest little town I've ever visited. 
I had a wonderful time adventuring in Portland (wished I could stay a little longer) and had three great shoots (no photos yet). I must say I could get used to this traveling art model thing :] Each shoot so far has been fairly positive and I have a new plan to come back to the area to work with a photographer here who I feel I connected with. The goal will to do a day or few day trip with a few other models. That'd be awesome. But, who knows where or what I'll be doing six months or more from now.

While driving from Portland to Port Townsend along the Hood Canal, this overwhelming urge to silence my music in the car and drive in silence came over me. The huge mossy trees, the ragged branches and the steely water just had this silent demanding presence. I will be simply enjoying myself here - no photoshoots until I get to Seattle. I am hoping the sun will come out tomorrow so I can adventure outdoors a bit more. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Much to Explore

I am on my first solo road trip. Me and my old car have made it successfully to Portland, OR, where I had my first shoot of the trip (today, that is). It went well, much better than expected actually. I have not had much time to explore Portland much though, as it is a short stay here and I've been mostly seeing through my dirty car windows, which is not really seeing the city at all. Today after my shoot I attempted to explore downtown, but with little luck. Perhaps Seattle (two stops from now) will be more promising.

I've always enjoyed driving alone. I tune into my mind and feel the roar of my engine under the beat of my music as I tear down the freeway (safely, mind you). Now I've really gotten to test my limits. I drove about 7 hours (with only two short pit stops) to southern OR where I stayed with some friends. It's so different up here in OR compared with CA. Fascinating, really. I find Portland to be full of beautiful young people, whom I all want to meet and talk with. I am so glad to have a GPS with me - I don't think I could have gotten around with out it, the roads out here are so strange to me.

After my shoot (where I got to play in a large cardboard box) I got two beers and wandered in Powell's City of Books (store). I wished I'd been a wee bit more sober for that adventure. I came back to my 'home-base' where a family friend has been gracious enough to let me stay. She cooked a quick and amazing parsnip-pasta and asparagus dish paired with wine. Probably the most food I've had this whole trip so far -when in travel mode I can somehow go many days only nibbling at food and never actually filling myself, so this was much needed. Yay! Yum.

Tomorrow I have two shoots! Busy day. I love being a nude model. Sometimes I feel really down about it, but so far this trip has only reconfirmed my admiration and determination for doing what I do. I am grateful for this opportunity to travel and explore, both literally/physically but also inside, emotionally. I am at a strange fork in my life, a tipping point with much change forthcoming...and there are decisions to make, paths to consider taking.

 It's only a matter of time and effort.

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