Tuesday, April 24, 2012



Photos by Warren Hukill, April 2012.
Models are Keira and Mauvais.

These are some shots from my most favorite shoot thus far in my modeling adventures.

Monday, April 23, 2012

New photos

I received photos from my first shoot with Keira finally :]

All photos taken by Daniel M., 2012. Models are Keira Grant and Mauvais.

The Epic Hair Flip. 






Saturday, April 21, 2012

Art Model Twin

Sample, unedited photo by Raku Photography, April 2012.

Yesterday was a long and successful modeling day spent with Keira. I think it's cool that we are basically model twins - similar hair, body shape/size. It can definitely create interesting fine art nudes, and (hopefully) interesting conceptual work. I had the most fun shoot in the afternoon with Keira and photographer Warren, who wanted to work on some interesting ideas with us. I can't wait to see photos...and share them, of course. As predicted, I felt less shy modeling with Keira yesterday. I think that trend will continue as I learn better how to interact when modeling with another model. It's much different from modeling by yourself. I  felt as if I was sort of waiting to see what Keira did with her pose, and then tried to do something that fit with her pose or mirrored it. I guess I felt that I was following her lead a little, which makes sense to me as I am the less experienced model. But I was pleased and surprised to hear Keira tell me she thought I was experienced :]

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Figure drawing modeling, finding nude photos of myself on the Internet

Back into modeling.

I had my first life modeling session since...a long time ago. I could tell it'd been a while because my muscles were definitely straining more than usual and I had a bit of soreness after for the next day. All is better, though. I had a really good first modeling sesh. I was in a really good mood to start out with, and as always Omar played awesome music so I remained in a good mood, and had all sorts of crazy visions while I posed and tried to stay still.
It's interesting to me that by trying to stay still I become more aware of my body. I begin to notice every tiny movement and I can feel all my muscles in a way that I don't normally. It's a hyper-awareness that I've grown fond of. The only other time I feel this hyper-awareness is when I run. But it's been a long time since I've done that, also.

I really wish I was doing more life modeling for artists. Someday...
I was contacted by a photographer hoping to work with me recently, and he mentioned seeing some photos of a fellow model friend of mine and me posing together. Turns out he'll be shooting her soon, and I guess I'm going to join! I went to have a look at these photos myself. I was pleasantly surprised :] Funny that's my reaction to finding nude images of myself on the web.....

Just me, I can't give proper photo credit because I don't know the last name of the photographer! But his name is Daniel. Here's the link to some of his work - I think: http://ldnsfw.tumblr.com/

Keira and me, photographed by Daniel. Our first time modeling together! Next time I think I'll be less shy {:

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