Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Photos by Eric Hiss, August 2012
Models are Mauvais and CK

More shots from my last duo nude shoot :] 
 I think there are a few things about this shoot that were successful and some things I wish I could have changed. But I am still pleased with many of the photos, especially the colorful ones [:

In my last couple of modeling sessions I have been in (see here for a funny post about my injured friend who draws me) I have been thinking about how I need to be more conscious about my modeling, somehow. I think I rely too much on spontaneity, which can be a strength in itself I suppose, but I think it's also good to have a good solid set of poses up my sleeve... I don't think I have that at all, and if that's a thing I should be doing, then...heh. :shrug: It's really strange that I just jumped into modeling really not knowing what I was/am doing. Is that something a lot of models do, or what? I want to ask other models about their journey into their modeling careers/hobbies - did they just teach themselves or learn from watching and interacting with other models and photographers? But I feel strange asking. Maybe it's just an intuitive thing, not something you can learn. Come to think of it, I am almost positive I have learned a lot from my year's experience of modeling, but when I try to think of what that might be right now I draw a blank. Perhaps that will be for a future post....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

Photo: Eric Hiss, 2012
Models are C Kudos and Mauvais 

 Photo by me! Mauvais
Model: C K

The good: I had a shoot with Eric and CK, a model I met and worked with for the first time. We played with some colored lights/gels and some basic studio stuff (which I wanted to try to shoot) and CK was going to shoot but I guess she changed her mind. I am not sure she was quite comfortable modeling with me, either, though I am excited to see more of the images from this shoot. I was glad she was open to letting me photograph her. I am interested in photographing models mostly for reference for drawings.

The bad: I have had some personal life issues and lack of self esteem, and while that's nothing new it has been dragging me down. I am trying to keep my head up and stay positive.

The ugly: I went to a fire/spin jam in the city and fell and scraped my knee, badly (if you didn't know, I hoop dance and have hooped with fire before ;] ). I didn't even notice that I was bleeding until maybe an hour later when my knee started stinging. It's very purple and blue and red. 
Then the next day I smashed my left index finger in my car door. 
It's also very blue and purple and red.... I just painted my nails which always weirds me out (not really into nail polish) because I have a shoot coming up and would rather not have a half blue and violet fingernail. Hoping the nail doesn't fall off...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Drink More Coffee...

Drawings done by Sierra Cvach, 2012

I had a good figure modeling gig the other night. I brought my friend along and was pleased to see such a large group there! I was warm enough, but unfortunately I was a bit too caffeinated. I will tell you - I love coffee - but I should really avoid it when it comes to modeling. I felt uncomfortable because I was so caffeinated. It must not have shown, but I was definitely freaking out a little. But, I made it through and felt fine by the end. I was glad to have shared a day in the life of Mauvais the art model with my friend. I picked her up and we drove out to Pleasanton where I model. My hair was still wet from my shower and I needed it to dry so I drove with the sunroof and all the windows down - it was an amazing feeling. Sierra likes to drive with all the windows down, too :] We got there a bit early, which was good because I started feeling caffeinated and needed some time to try and calm myself down and drink some water. Then I started...Sierra's one of two people I can think of that I know personally who would be comfortable drawing me in all my nudity. I appreciated this bond in our friendship. Plus it's interesting seeing what Sierra came up with in terms of how she saw me :P She forgot an eraser, which is why the drawings look a little weird.

I've been enjoying modeling for Ryan. I lay under this really bright light that makes me feel as if I am laying out under the sun, which then makes me a little sleepy, so I had to keep talking to stay awake. I hope Ryan doesn't mind all my chatter :P He's almost done with his drawing of me. It's awesome, of course. I have been continually amazed and perplexed by his drawing instruction. I am working on just one drawing now, with the same model, and it's finally resembling a person...though I have to give credit to Ryan for most of the drawing, I suppose. I need to try out everything he's been showing me on my own sometime. Finding spare time these days to just draw seems close to impossible though :[

In other news, I have two shoots coming up this weekend! I very much look forward to Sunday's shoot - I will FINALLY be working with the talented Daryl Darko -
 Plus, Keira will be back and we are shooting together again! Yay model twins!

Stay tuned...


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