Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cold New Year

A 'behind the scenes' kind of shot from my last shoot. Dave Brown, December 2012

It's winter. It's cold. 
I find myself low on funds, which is frustrating. I spent a greater part of today looking to see if I could arrange paid gigs with people as a figure model. It seems like finding work should be easier than it is. 
I did some life drawing modeling last night with a small group, which I was glad to get back into. The only problem was my feeling jittery (not from caffeine, surprisingly) and too cold. Again, I left feeling tense and exhausted. I slept well, at least. I am trying to decide if it is up to me to purchase my own space heater for life modeling or if I should bug the coordinator to do that. 

The holidaze is almost over. Only one more big event and the year comes to a close, if only for a moment. This next year I strongly feel will have many important changes. Hopefully I will be able to model more often, and continue modeling later in the year when I start school again. There is much to think about in the new year...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rainy Shoot

Polaroids shot by David Brown, December 2012

 I had the pleasure of meeting a film photographer who was interested in shooting me for some ideas he had for art magazine entries and personal work. I haven't been too keen on trade shoots lately but this was a successful one. I will have to wait some time for photos but I'm patient ;P

I met David at BART and we went to a sweet spot tucked away in some hills that I didn't even know existed, which was overlooking the bay in some places. It was raining, though not overwhelmingly so. He had checked out the areas he wanted to shoot at before, so we walked along the damp trail and stopped wherever he planned to shoot. I liked shooting with David - he has a calming presence and was considerate of my comfort. It was cold but I managed to hold out till the end. The last spot we shot at was in this lovely little grove of eucalyptus with a bench in the middle. This was the only place where I posed fully nude. I was so ready to put my clothes on again after that! :D 

In the next week I will be DONE with school. Like, for 8 months. No more junior college for me. I have applied elsewhere (UCs and CSUs), but really need to make up my mind about stuff (life, school...). 
I am looking forward to this opportunity to model more often :]

Saturday, December 8, 2012


 Photo by Spencer Delamore. Me with straight hair! (this is an older one).

I need to model! It's been too long :[
I could really use some new images in my port...


Thursday, November 15, 2012


As a Model

fairly flexible
dancerly poses
can sit still (I draw models, so I know how important it is!)
totally okay with nudity!
have my own transportation
doesn't need an escort
unique look ( I suppose)*
can fit in small places
has a lot of visible anatomy  (great for those learning to draw or sculpt right?!)
willing to hike, get dirty, cold, wet, painted or drawn on (so far)
likes to work with other models

doesn't have a huge wardrobe
doesn't have much experience in makeup
mild adult acne (booooo)
*one tattoo, piercings (ears), gauged earlobes (2), 'natural' look
can be shy, nervous, lacking confidence (I know, I know...)
dislikes over-photoshopped images
occasional smoker 

Monday, October 29, 2012


Photos by Kofi (aka Amoa Photography), October 2012
Mauvais and Lixie Din

Had another duo model shoot! :] It went well. I am glad to be finally seeing some sample photos. I always enjoy me some black and white photos. The varying textures of our body stockings (a first for the both of us haha) looks neat, too. This was the last shoot I did....have not done any modeling since :[

Sunday, October 21, 2012


So my nail fell off. It brings me relief because it no longer snags in my hair when I am washing it in the shower and there is no longer a huge dark spot on my finger. It still looks weird, but feels better and is much easier to work around, I think.
I had a shoot in SF yesterday with a new model and photographer. An enjoyable shoot! I left feeling accomplished and pleased to have met some new talented people :]
So, I'm responding back to messages for shoots. It's silly to have stopped, but I do sometimes get overwhelmed with life and with insecurities (which, I believe modeling is slowly going to be helping me get past all that).

Yay freedom! And coffee.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


[Oh boy, a shitty webcam photo of me! No makeup, un-showered and with a smashed nail that is falling off....]

I have been meaning to update for a while, but again, I've allowed some sort of monster sneak back into my life, which has left me feeling irritable, lacking confidence, and overall discontent. 

 I have not done any modeling for a while. I have not been feeling 100% lately, and would rather not model until I feel better and have a better grip on my classes....again. I don't want to half-ass a modeling gig. Then there is the fact that I smashed my left index finger in my car door about a month or two ago, and the nail is (unfortunately) falling off...not a pretty sight. But it may take a few months for it to heal...and I don't want to wait that long to model.
So I am hoping things will work out...modeling or not. Keep patience, everyone...

Thursday, October 4, 2012


[Artworks compared are shown here through saving a screenshot. No alterations of the photos themselves besides cropping & resizing for the purpose of them fitting in this blog ;) ]

I guess I do nearly the same thing for long poses... Hmm...
But at least it makes for an interesting comparison! I love seeing different representations of myself. It's like hearing remixes of a song you really love. I particularly like comparing these two works because I am doing very similar poses, but they're mirrored, and the way each artist handled portraying me is also very different. Both based on realism, I suppose, but one much looser and the other much more refined.
The left side is a watercolor piece is by Big Al, who does caricature :
It was a 40 minute pose, no breaks. I love the way Al captured my facial features in such simple lines. I guess that shows just how good he is as a caricature artist!

The right side is the finished drawing by Ryan Frederickson (remember this?)
It was several 3 hour sessions over the course of several weeks....with breaks, of course. The original drawing is truly a masterpiece, but this image shows it well enough:

I have been almost desperately wanting to collect images of drawings/paintings people have done of me for a while now, to add to my modeling portfolio so that prospective artists who are thinking of working with me can have a sense of how I look on paper :P

In other news, I've been taking another unofficial break from modeling. I began missing having time for myself, and even with only two classes this semester there is much work to be done. I am open to photoshoots and life drawing gigs again however! :]

Another thing that has been frustrating is trying to schedule/organize photoshoots with other models and photographers for my couple figure modeling project. It doesn't seem like it should be hard, but so far I have not had much luck in actually scheduling anything, but there may be a shoot on the horizon for me soon...

In the meantime, I should really get back into regaining all that flexibility I used to have...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Photo by John Carman, September 2012

Been a busy model. 
I've had some interesting sessions lately. I had a trade shoot recently from a photographer who's work I liked initially, and who took photos I greatly enjoyed, and then was disappointed when given the final edits. I  hate overly photo-shopped images. Lucklily there were a few (such as the one above) that were acceptable in my taste as far as the editing, though I still have issues with the framing of the photo and my pose.

In the meantime, more figure drawing modeling. I take pride in the fact that I can sit or stand still for long(ish?) periods of time. I don't know if that's something to be proud of, but...I feel that I do a fairly good job at it. Or so I've been told.

 Some things I was pondering/realizing when I was modeling this week were:

- All drawing, especially figure drawing (as this was what was on my mind), is basically a long-lived tradition that has been passed down to me from my fine art predecessors. I feel humbled that people long before my time have figured this whole thing out to a science and continued to share it with others throughout history and time...all until now! I am still trying to figure out this whole drawing thing, and also this whole figure modeling thing. It's really fascinating...this realization just put me in a place of awe and made me see again, how much modeling makes me feel happy and accomplished.

- Modeling is important to me for many reasons (aesthetics, self-maintenance/care, giving back to artists, helping others, getting over insecurities to name a few), but the most unthought of reason (up until recently) is the self-control aspect.
I sometimes think of myself as a potential addict on the verge. I have struggled before with what society would consider addiction, and with what others might consider impulse control issues, and not sticking to my own plans or goals. I admit to being easily distracted and to not being firm with myself. I've gotten better, but this still flares up often enough for me to see that I might enjoy modeling because it forces me to take complete control of myself. I choose a pose, and stick to it. Modeling makes me feel more dedicated.  Once I take that pose, there is no going back (especially with my figure drawing modeling); only making that moment last. It's up to me to make that happen with as much poise and purpose as possible. I am a frozen moment in time, a memory, a dream, a wish. It think it's good for me to do this, personally, as a form of self-discipline.

On that note, it's interesting to me how much of 'humanity' is about being able to control our instincts, or to overcome our animal impulses. This is the very basis of my being...the whole sense of duality we struggle with and thrive in...and on that note, I'll end so that I don't end up rambling nonsense all over the page.


Friday, September 7, 2012


Photo by Daniel, September 2012

Had an intoxicating shoot the other night.
I was struck by how quiet the photographer was. My only issue with silence is that I begin to question if I am doing anything 'right', and find myself becoming stiff or even balking. Funny, I've been modeling 'officially' for like a year and I am still so insecure. (rhyme points anyone?) But it was a good shoot. I am eagerly waiting more photos. 
The next day after the shoot I had my drawing class. I even got to model for my classmates for about 8 minutes :P ( felt more strange to be to be modeling clothed on the model stand than not). The next student who was to model after me stood on the stand, not knowing what to do with herself. So I suggested a pose. My instructor said enthusiastically, "Oh! You must know a lot about modeling!"
Hahaha (no, he does not know that I actually model).

I love working with photographers who work with film. (While the above photo is digital, Daniel also took film photos.) I also got a few more shots from Steve Gatlin from our last night shoot in my area. Here is one...

It's more difficult to pose on a bench in near pitch dark than one would think. Yes, that is the full moon. I want to do more full moon night's the werewolf inside me. Ahhhwooooooo!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Photos by Eric Hiss, August 2012
Models are Mauvais and CK

More shots from my last duo nude shoot :] 
 I think there are a few things about this shoot that were successful and some things I wish I could have changed. But I am still pleased with many of the photos, especially the colorful ones [:

In my last couple of modeling sessions I have been in (see here for a funny post about my injured friend who draws me) I have been thinking about how I need to be more conscious about my modeling, somehow. I think I rely too much on spontaneity, which can be a strength in itself I suppose, but I think it's also good to have a good solid set of poses up my sleeve... I don't think I have that at all, and if that's a thing I should be doing, then...heh. :shrug: It's really strange that I just jumped into modeling really not knowing what I was/am doing. Is that something a lot of models do, or what? I want to ask other models about their journey into their modeling careers/hobbies - did they just teach themselves or learn from watching and interacting with other models and photographers? But I feel strange asking. Maybe it's just an intuitive thing, not something you can learn. Come to think of it, I am almost positive I have learned a lot from my year's experience of modeling, but when I try to think of what that might be right now I draw a blank. Perhaps that will be for a future post....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

Photo: Eric Hiss, 2012
Models are C Kudos and Mauvais 

 Photo by me! Mauvais
Model: C K

The good: I had a shoot with Eric and CK, a model I met and worked with for the first time. We played with some colored lights/gels and some basic studio stuff (which I wanted to try to shoot) and CK was going to shoot but I guess she changed her mind. I am not sure she was quite comfortable modeling with me, either, though I am excited to see more of the images from this shoot. I was glad she was open to letting me photograph her. I am interested in photographing models mostly for reference for drawings.

The bad: I have had some personal life issues and lack of self esteem, and while that's nothing new it has been dragging me down. I am trying to keep my head up and stay positive.

The ugly: I went to a fire/spin jam in the city and fell and scraped my knee, badly (if you didn't know, I hoop dance and have hooped with fire before ;] ). I didn't even notice that I was bleeding until maybe an hour later when my knee started stinging. It's very purple and blue and red. 
Then the next day I smashed my left index finger in my car door. 
It's also very blue and purple and red.... I just painted my nails which always weirds me out (not really into nail polish) because I have a shoot coming up and would rather not have a half blue and violet fingernail. Hoping the nail doesn't fall off...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Drink More Coffee...

Drawings done by Sierra Cvach, 2012

I had a good figure modeling gig the other night. I brought my friend along and was pleased to see such a large group there! I was warm enough, but unfortunately I was a bit too caffeinated. I will tell you - I love coffee - but I should really avoid it when it comes to modeling. I felt uncomfortable because I was so caffeinated. It must not have shown, but I was definitely freaking out a little. But, I made it through and felt fine by the end. I was glad to have shared a day in the life of Mauvais the art model with my friend. I picked her up and we drove out to Pleasanton where I model. My hair was still wet from my shower and I needed it to dry so I drove with the sunroof and all the windows down - it was an amazing feeling. Sierra likes to drive with all the windows down, too :] We got there a bit early, which was good because I started feeling caffeinated and needed some time to try and calm myself down and drink some water. Then I started...Sierra's one of two people I can think of that I know personally who would be comfortable drawing me in all my nudity. I appreciated this bond in our friendship. Plus it's interesting seeing what Sierra came up with in terms of how she saw me :P She forgot an eraser, which is why the drawings look a little weird.

I've been enjoying modeling for Ryan. I lay under this really bright light that makes me feel as if I am laying out under the sun, which then makes me a little sleepy, so I had to keep talking to stay awake. I hope Ryan doesn't mind all my chatter :P He's almost done with his drawing of me. It's awesome, of course. I have been continually amazed and perplexed by his drawing instruction. I am working on just one drawing now, with the same model, and it's finally resembling a person...though I have to give credit to Ryan for most of the drawing, I suppose. I need to try out everything he's been showing me on my own sometime. Finding spare time these days to just draw seems close to impossible though :[

In other news, I have two shoots coming up this weekend! I very much look forward to Sunday's shoot - I will FINALLY be working with the talented Daryl Darko -
 Plus, Keira will be back and we are shooting together again! Yay model twins!

Stay tuned...


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Night Shoot
Photos by Steve Gatlin

I am waiting on some film scans from Steve from a shoot we did on Friday night. I can't wait :] It was nice to work with him again - I really dig that he's into film photography and shooting at night. It's a real refresher from the typical digital, studio nude photography. Plus it being summertime makes it all the better to get naked at night! Not that it's been a particularly warm summer here....
This last shoot was done close to home (the photos here are from our first shoot, taken on Treasure Island), which was convenient for me because I needed to work the next day. We had a good long talk after about some of his recent work and photography and whatnot and it reminded me that he is such a cool person, and I feel  honored to work with him. 
When I get some images from our most recent post....I'll share :]

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


In progress drawing by Ryan Frederickson, 2012

Here is a (verylowquality) cell phone photo of the modeling I've been up to out in Napa with Ryan. Over the course of three sessions I believe, and he's getting closer to being done :] It's really fun for me to model for such a talented artist, and to see his work and realize, hey, that actually looks like me!
I have also enjoyed watching his progress, trying to learn from watching him, and feeling quite accomplished at the end of our session, somehow, even if all I did was lay there for around three hours (with breaks).

I wish I had more time though to be practicing my own drawing, and to be doing more life modeling, but school has cut my time again, and so has my new apprenticeship at a tattoo shop. Yes, I've been busy, and while it's all very rewarding, or will be rewarding, sometimes I wish I had more time to myself.

I decided that I'm not doing trade shoots for a while. With all my driving around and doing jobs that are not paying me I really can't just let photographers not pay me for my modeling. But, not that anyone is really shooting with me soon because of my busy schedule.

Yes, I can say that life modeling for artists is definitely my favorite genre of modeling. I love fine art nude photography as well, but it makes sense to me that I love art modeling for artists so much because that was what got me interested in modeling to begin with. I admired the models I drew in my figure drawing classes so much, and appreciated them for modeling for me, and thought, maybe I could do that too. And now, here I am :]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Ryan was drawing me. I was in a reclining pose on my back. I got up after the timer beeped for my break. I was rubbing my sacrum area because it was sore (I am bony, and even just laying there will eventually cause some part of my body to ache) and I made some comment like, "Sometimes I hate being so bony, it makes laying down tiring" to which he replied, "Oh, is that it? Laying around is exhausting? Is that why I am still tired when I wake up in the morning?" to which I laughed.
I forgot to ask if I could take a photo of the drawing on my phone, which is okay I guess because it was not very far along. Next time!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mauvais Tree

 Photographed by Eric Hiss, June 2012

I realized today that I have over 1000 views on this blog! Sweet :] These are my favorite shots from my last shoot with Eric (though these images are supposed to be rectangular, not square, that's my doing). The speckled lighting made this an interesting shoot for Eric, I suppose, but everything he shot looks good to me!The actual photos are much better - these were just screen shots from his contact sheet that I took. I like the wood nymph sort of feel here. I think that's easy for me to achieve with my wild hair.

Somehow I dropped down to 94 lbs o_o It'll bounce back eventually.
I'm thinking about adding a written description about me on my MM profile but I'm not sure what to say. The usual things I see models write about themselves has to do with describing their general appearance, any skills they have, special features, and history of modeling or genres of modeling that they do. I have played with the idea of having a description but ultimately just feel that images show it best because that's how I work, haha. But if anyone has ideas for me, that'd be appreciated :]

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Napa Shoot

Drove out to Napa today for a photoshoot that will (hopefully) have images good enough to use for a large oil painting by the (incredibly) talented Ryan Frederickson ( ).

I was a bit stressed out because I rescheduled with him sort of last minute and then ended up later than expected to meet him. He didn't seem bothered...I just want to make a good impression to whomever I meet, and hope that didn't make me seem unreliable. But I felt comfortable speaking with him, he has an awesome studio (sigh...wish I had one!) and even more awesome drawings and paintings.
This shoot was particularly interesting because I was modeling basically as I would for a live drawing session but was being photographed. For being a self-taught photographer, I say props to Ryan - the photos I did see looked good! After a while, though, I felt like I was doing the same poses over and over - something that always irks me a little because I feel like that's boring...? But it's not, I suppose - there are so many variations to a pose. Besides, Ryan was working toward a (somewhat vague?) image in mind for this particular painting, and he was very good at helping me out with some instructions for my posing. I wish I could say I was "good enough" to not be directed, but, I think with something like this it makes sense to have direction - and to be honest, I'm glad to have it.
I was pleased, and surprised (as usual) when he said I was a skilled model. Thanks :]

My drive there and back was hot, but not totally unpleasant. I originally planned to stay the day out there, maybe find some good eats and a drink. But I felt like I needed to get home so I stuck out a little traffic. I may be turning in my time (for the future) modeling for him in exchange for some drawing lessons... :D:D:D

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I had a shoot with Eric Hiss on Monday - so strange for me to be modeling weekdays! I drove out to the city - the second time in three days. We met in the beautiful Golden Gate Park. I was glad to be out and about, it was a gorgeous day. We shot by a really cool tree not far from the road. The lighting was spotty, but I'm hoping we were still able to create some beautiful images. Eventually, I did get cold - yes, it may be summer in San Francisco but it's not as warm as it is where I live on the other side of the bay - and we wrapped it up and left. I drove home in traffic (again, in rush hour bay area traffic for the second time in three days). But this time I had pliers in my car with me so I could adjust the broken fan knob in my car ;]

But, to be honest, commute doesn't drive me quite as nuts as some people. It's most likely because I don't do it all that often...but I just kick back with my tunes and a clove and I'm okay. As long as no one does anything stupid on the road I'm pretty relaxed. I have been making sure to keep water and non-meltable snacks in my car, which helps when I start feeling icky but can't just pull off the road because I'm in stop and go traffic.  This is important because I have noticed that I'm a bit of a grazer - I need to eat often throughout the day, but in small amounts. I'm glad my AC works and that I have a sun roof. My car may be old, but she's a good car, and she's taken me many miles around here and out to Oregon. I like to drive her....but not in the rain as much.

End babble....

Photos when I get 'em [:

Life/Body Casting Modeling...part two

Here are the said photos of me covered in stuff to become a mold for a sculpture. I barely recognize myself in there! :p

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life/Body Casting Modeling

Today I had the joy to experience being made into a mold for a potential garden sculpture. This was the most different kind of modeling I've done yet, and I can't wait to see photos of the process and to see the finished piece.

I drove in the heat of the early afternoon to Morgan Hill, cursing at my car's broken fan knob...I for some dumb reason turned it down but once it's turned down it's very difficult to turn back up without a pair of pliers. I got some blisters on my fingers from trying to turn it...eventually I gave up and just drove with the windows cracked. I made it to Greg's home and he greeted me outside. We chatted and he gave me a small tour of the place and introduced me to his wife and his (adorable!) three year old German Shepard, Haley.

We sat in his studio, a small hand-built shack covered in globs of silicate material - the kind he was going to cover my body with for the mold. He explained the whole process to me, and then I disrobed and got into position so he could place the appropriate rests for me on the pillar I was leaning on. The idea: I am a garden nymph peering from behind a column. So I was leaning on the pillar (a large industrial cardboard tube) and Greg drilled in some pieces of wood with bits of the silicate stuff on them so I could rest my chin, heel, and knee. Then I just did my best to stay still while he began to lay on the goop.

First he covered my hair in cholesterol. No, I don't know if it actually was cholesterol, but it felt and looked a lot like butter, or Vaseline. Then he covered the front of my body, and then worked from my feet up (though he said he was going to start with my face, but, oh well). He then got up to my face...I closed my eyes and relaxed my face as best I could. Unfortunately, I got a bloody nose when we tried putting tubes up my nose so I could breathe (stupid nose) so he had to go without and just get the stuff as close to my nostrils as possible.

Thankfully, Greg had warned me before this point that I may start feeling lightheaded or dizzy during this process. "Bodies are weird," he explained. "When you stand really still for a length of time the blood will just kind of stop getting up into your head. If this happens, just breathe, long, deep breaths." Apparently one of his previous models actually fainted in the middle of being cast as a mold. So I hoped this wouldn't happen to me - the whole dizzy feeling - but, it did. I felt uncomfortable and awkward covered in this shell of goop and tried to keep myself calm and breathed, just as he said. But it didn't seem to help. Because my mouth was covered, I couldn't speak - but he had planned for this. One grunt was "yes" and two grunts was "no". He asked, "Are you feeling all right?" :grunt grunt:"Dizzy?" :grunt: "Just keep breathing."

After a few more minutes my head was spinning as if I were drunk. I also associate dizziness with nausea, so I began to panic, slightly, and tried not to think about what it would be like to have to vomit while my mouth was covered in silica goop. Finally Greg asked, "Do you want me to put the fan on in front of you?" :GRUNT!: He did. And eventually, the feeling ceased, and I was able to enjoy the rest of the process.

The whole sensation of laying the goop on my skin and feeling it dry over time was fascinating. Since my eyes were closed and covered, I just felt like a caterpillar in a cocoon, gripping onto the side of a tree. Then Greg put another layer of this weird, hard foam stuff put on over the silica stuff. When he put that on, it felt very warm and it spread out all over. It was not uncomfortably hot, though. I kind of enjoyed it. Then I could feel the stuff drying around my face, and I imagined that this is what it feels like to be a snake about to shed its old skin. I could tell it was time for the thing to come off...I could feel a gap forming between the silica shell I was in and my skin, though to be honest I worried that that gap formed not because the material was hardening but because I was moving.

Greg took surgical scissors and began to free me from my second skin. It was a relief to get out of there, but also a little sad. I kind of regretted having pubic hair just then, though. Pulling that stuff off that region of my body was incredibly painful, but also funny...we had a good laugh over that. After I was completely free from the mold, we looked at the mold in a giant tub of water he built for his sculpture making. I really hope it turns out well. I put my robe back on and went to take a shower...a very much needed shower. Overall it was a cool experience; I'd definitely do it again. And I'd be more prepared, and probably more relaxed about the lightheaded bit :]

Greg promised me the photos he took when I was completely covered, so, stay tuned :]

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just a Post

                                                                  Photo by Warren Hukill 2012
                                                     Models are Mauvais (me) and Keira Grant

Here's a shot from the last photoshoot I did before I had to call it quits again due to school and stress. Now I'm ready to get back into modeling but I've acquired some stupid tan lines. I'd love to continue my journey into duo nude modeling with other models, but it's difficult to get my head around simply contacting other models and asking if they are interested. And then finding a photographer. I've just gotten comfortable with Keira and now she's traveling abroad...hope she's being safe out there :]

Tuesday, April 24, 2012



Photos by Warren Hukill, April 2012.
Models are Keira and Mauvais.

These are some shots from my most favorite shoot thus far in my modeling adventures.

Monday, April 23, 2012

New photos

I received photos from my first shoot with Keira finally :]

All photos taken by Daniel M., 2012. Models are Keira Grant and Mauvais.

The Epic Hair Flip. 






Saturday, April 21, 2012

Art Model Twin

Sample, unedited photo by Raku Photography, April 2012.

Yesterday was a long and successful modeling day spent with Keira. I think it's cool that we are basically model twins - similar hair, body shape/size. It can definitely create interesting fine art nudes, and (hopefully) interesting conceptual work. I had the most fun shoot in the afternoon with Keira and photographer Warren, who wanted to work on some interesting ideas with us. I can't wait to see photos...and share them, of course. As predicted, I felt less shy modeling with Keira yesterday. I think that trend will continue as I learn better how to interact when modeling with another model. It's much different from modeling by yourself. I  felt as if I was sort of waiting to see what Keira did with her pose, and then tried to do something that fit with her pose or mirrored it. I guess I felt that I was following her lead a little, which makes sense to me as I am the less experienced model. But I was pleased and surprised to hear Keira tell me she thought I was experienced :]

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Figure drawing modeling, finding nude photos of myself on the Internet

Back into modeling.

I had my first life modeling session since...a long time ago. I could tell it'd been a while because my muscles were definitely straining more than usual and I had a bit of soreness after for the next day. All is better, though. I had a really good first modeling sesh. I was in a really good mood to start out with, and as always Omar played awesome music so I remained in a good mood, and had all sorts of crazy visions while I posed and tried to stay still.
It's interesting to me that by trying to stay still I become more aware of my body. I begin to notice every tiny movement and I can feel all my muscles in a way that I don't normally. It's a hyper-awareness that I've grown fond of. The only other time I feel this hyper-awareness is when I run. But it's been a long time since I've done that, also.

I really wish I was doing more life modeling for artists. Someday...
I was contacted by a photographer hoping to work with me recently, and he mentioned seeing some photos of a fellow model friend of mine and me posing together. Turns out he'll be shooting her soon, and I guess I'm going to join! I went to have a look at these photos myself. I was pleasantly surprised :] Funny that's my reaction to finding nude images of myself on the web.....

Just me, I can't give proper photo credit because I don't know the last name of the photographer! But his name is Daniel. Here's the link to some of his work - I think:

Keira and me, photographed by Daniel. Our first time modeling together! Next time I think I'll be less shy {:

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