Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rainy Shoot

Polaroids shot by David Brown, December 2012

 I had the pleasure of meeting a film photographer who was interested in shooting me for some ideas he had for art magazine entries and personal work. I haven't been too keen on trade shoots lately but this was a successful one. I will have to wait some time for photos but I'm patient ;P

I met David at BART and we went to a sweet spot tucked away in some hills that I didn't even know existed, which was overlooking the bay in some places. It was raining, though not overwhelmingly so. He had checked out the areas he wanted to shoot at before, so we walked along the damp trail and stopped wherever he planned to shoot. I liked shooting with David - he has a calming presence and was considerate of my comfort. It was cold but I managed to hold out till the end. The last spot we shot at was in this lovely little grove of eucalyptus with a bench in the middle. This was the only place where I posed fully nude. I was so ready to put my clothes on again after that! :D 

In the next week I will be DONE with school. Like, for 8 months. No more junior college for me. I have applied elsewhere (UCs and CSUs), but really need to make up my mind about stuff (life, school...). 
I am looking forward to this opportunity to model more often :]

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  1. duuude those shots are really awesome.

    Hey I had another idea, like, just now (haha). I still think we should mess around in the hills with skeleton stuff at some point because it'd be rad, but also what would you think of me doing more of a fine art piece with you as the subject? Another one of those I-probably-couldn't-pay-you sorts of things (unless like... I dunno... if I made it into a print and sold it I would give you moneys too)... but yeah. Idea!


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