Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just a Post

                                                                  Photo by Warren Hukill 2012
                                                     Models are Mauvais (me) and Keira Grant

Here's a shot from the last photoshoot I did before I had to call it quits again due to school and stress. Now I'm ready to get back into modeling but I've acquired some stupid tan lines. I'd love to continue my journey into duo nude modeling with other models, but it's difficult to get my head around simply contacting other models and asking if they are interested. And then finding a photographer. I've just gotten comfortable with Keira and now she's traveling abroad...hope she's being safe out there :]


  1. If I covered up your faces, I'd hardly be able to tell who's who. The feet might give it away.

  2. :] It's cool, huh? :P No photoshop needed!


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