Friday, September 7, 2012


Photo by Daniel, September 2012

Had an intoxicating shoot the other night.
I was struck by how quiet the photographer was. My only issue with silence is that I begin to question if I am doing anything 'right', and find myself becoming stiff or even balking. Funny, I've been modeling 'officially' for like a year and I am still so insecure. (rhyme points anyone?) But it was a good shoot. I am eagerly waiting more photos. 
The next day after the shoot I had my drawing class. I even got to model for my classmates for about 8 minutes :P ( felt more strange to be to be modeling clothed on the model stand than not). The next student who was to model after me stood on the stand, not knowing what to do with herself. So I suggested a pose. My instructor said enthusiastically, "Oh! You must know a lot about modeling!"
Hahaha (no, he does not know that I actually model).

I love working with photographers who work with film. (While the above photo is digital, Daniel also took film photos.) I also got a few more shots from Steve Gatlin from our last night shoot in my area. Here is one...

It's more difficult to pose on a bench in near pitch dark than one would think. Yes, that is the full moon. I want to do more full moon night's the werewolf inside me. Ahhhwooooooo!

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