Sunday, July 29, 2012

Night Shoot
Photos by Steve Gatlin

I am waiting on some film scans from Steve from a shoot we did on Friday night. I can't wait :] It was nice to work with him again - I really dig that he's into film photography and shooting at night. It's a real refresher from the typical digital, studio nude photography. Plus it being summertime makes it all the better to get naked at night! Not that it's been a particularly warm summer here....
This last shoot was done close to home (the photos here are from our first shoot, taken on Treasure Island), which was convenient for me because I needed to work the next day. We had a good long talk after about some of his recent work and photography and whatnot and it reminded me that he is such a cool person, and I feel  honored to work with him. 
When I get some images from our most recent post....I'll share :]

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