Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mauvais Tree

 Photographed by Eric Hiss, June 2012

I realized today that I have over 1000 views on this blog! Sweet :] These are my favorite shots from my last shoot with Eric (though these images are supposed to be rectangular, not square, that's my doing). The speckled lighting made this an interesting shoot for Eric, I suppose, but everything he shot looks good to me!The actual photos are much better - these were just screen shots from his contact sheet that I took. I like the wood nymph sort of feel here. I think that's easy for me to achieve with my wild hair.

Somehow I dropped down to 94 lbs o_o It'll bounce back eventually.
I'm thinking about adding a written description about me on my MM profile but I'm not sure what to say. The usual things I see models write about themselves has to do with describing their general appearance, any skills they have, special features, and history of modeling or genres of modeling that they do. I have played with the idea of having a description but ultimately just feel that images show it best because that's how I work, haha. But if anyone has ideas for me, that'd be appreciated :]

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