Saturday, June 16, 2012

Napa Shoot

Drove out to Napa today for a photoshoot that will (hopefully) have images good enough to use for a large oil painting by the (incredibly) talented Ryan Frederickson ( ).

I was a bit stressed out because I rescheduled with him sort of last minute and then ended up later than expected to meet him. He didn't seem bothered...I just want to make a good impression to whomever I meet, and hope that didn't make me seem unreliable. But I felt comfortable speaking with him, he has an awesome studio (sigh...wish I had one!) and even more awesome drawings and paintings.
This shoot was particularly interesting because I was modeling basically as I would for a live drawing session but was being photographed. For being a self-taught photographer, I say props to Ryan - the photos I did see looked good! After a while, though, I felt like I was doing the same poses over and over - something that always irks me a little because I feel like that's boring...? But it's not, I suppose - there are so many variations to a pose. Besides, Ryan was working toward a (somewhat vague?) image in mind for this particular painting, and he was very good at helping me out with some instructions for my posing. I wish I could say I was "good enough" to not be directed, but, I think with something like this it makes sense to have direction - and to be honest, I'm glad to have it.
I was pleased, and surprised (as usual) when he said I was a skilled model. Thanks :]

My drive there and back was hot, but not totally unpleasant. I originally planned to stay the day out there, maybe find some good eats and a drink. But I felt like I needed to get home so I stuck out a little traffic. I may be turning in my time (for the future) modeling for him in exchange for some drawing lessons... :D:D:D

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