Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I had a shoot with Eric Hiss on Monday - so strange for me to be modeling weekdays! I drove out to the city - the second time in three days. We met in the beautiful Golden Gate Park. I was glad to be out and about, it was a gorgeous day. We shot by a really cool tree not far from the road. The lighting was spotty, but I'm hoping we were still able to create some beautiful images. Eventually, I did get cold - yes, it may be summer in San Francisco but it's not as warm as it is where I live on the other side of the bay - and we wrapped it up and left. I drove home in traffic (again, in rush hour bay area traffic for the second time in three days). But this time I had pliers in my car with me so I could adjust the broken fan knob in my car ;]

But, to be honest, commute doesn't drive me quite as nuts as some people. It's most likely because I don't do it all that often...but I just kick back with my tunes and a clove and I'm okay. As long as no one does anything stupid on the road I'm pretty relaxed. I have been making sure to keep water and non-meltable snacks in my car, which helps when I start feeling icky but can't just pull off the road because I'm in stop and go traffic.  This is important because I have noticed that I'm a bit of a grazer - I need to eat often throughout the day, but in small amounts. I'm glad my AC works and that I have a sun roof. My car may be old, but she's a good car, and she's taken me many miles around here and out to Oregon. I like to drive her....but not in the rain as much.

End babble....

Photos when I get 'em [:

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