Thursday, November 15, 2012


As a Model

fairly flexible
dancerly poses
can sit still (I draw models, so I know how important it is!)
totally okay with nudity!
have my own transportation
doesn't need an escort
unique look ( I suppose)*
can fit in small places
has a lot of visible anatomy  (great for those learning to draw or sculpt right?!)
willing to hike, get dirty, cold, wet, painted or drawn on (so far)
likes to work with other models

doesn't have a huge wardrobe
doesn't have much experience in makeup
mild adult acne (booooo)
*one tattoo, piercings (ears), gauged earlobes (2), 'natural' look
can be shy, nervous, lacking confidence (I know, I know...)
dislikes over-photoshopped images
occasional smoker 

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