Saturday, April 21, 2012

Art Model Twin

Sample, unedited photo by Raku Photography, April 2012.

Yesterday was a long and successful modeling day spent with Keira. I think it's cool that we are basically model twins - similar hair, body shape/size. It can definitely create interesting fine art nudes, and (hopefully) interesting conceptual work. I had the most fun shoot in the afternoon with Keira and photographer Warren, who wanted to work on some interesting ideas with us. I can't wait to see photos...and share them, of course. As predicted, I felt less shy modeling with Keira yesterday. I think that trend will continue as I learn better how to interact when modeling with another model. It's much different from modeling by yourself. I  felt as if I was sort of waiting to see what Keira did with her pose, and then tried to do something that fit with her pose or mirrored it. I guess I felt that I was following her lead a little, which makes sense to me as I am the less experienced model. But I was pleased and surprised to hear Keira tell me she thought I was experienced :]

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