Thursday, February 28, 2013

Photo Class

Crappy cell phone photo:
Kisses for my boyfriend. Enjoying the sunshine with my music and my hoops before getting ready for my photo session :P

I had a new experience in my journey as an art model last night - modeling for a photography class. It was a local gig, and a small class (about 7 students) but I was feeling somewhat nervous. I'm definitely still a new model, and not as used to photography even if that is a lot of what I do now a days. But working with one or two photogs is easy - working with 7 is not yet easy for me. Not that it was difficult - I just like knowing what the photog wants or expects of me....not very self-directed I guess? But then, maybe it was the nerves? Anyway, it seemed a bit unorganized and a bit chaotic to me, though eventually I relaxed more. I overheard something someone say about the previous model and that brought on a tiny insecure voice in the back of my head. I may not be the most outgoing model out there, and especially when working with new people, but I fear at times that my quietness and focus is taken for being boring. I guess I just like to take things more in a more serious manner typically, in part because I'm shy. It frustrates me. I'm working on it...
But then at the end of the session a lot of praise was given to me, and there was talk of my coming back and some of the students even offered to connect me with other artists that I could work with in the future.
I do have another workshop or two coming up, which I will tend to in an open attitude and see how it goes. I do tend to think that each of my modeling experiences are slowly adding to making me a better model when I am feeling more optimistic but other times I feel that I should stop kidding myself and just give it up. It's a weird line to walk, and I need to just ditch it.

\end blarg


  1. So I feel that way sometimes about my work. It was worse last year though. But I found this little video its a quote from Ira Glass.


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