Thursday, February 14, 2013

Port Townsend

Here I am chilling in the sweetest little town I've ever visited. 
I had a wonderful time adventuring in Portland (wished I could stay a little longer) and had three great shoots (no photos yet). I must say I could get used to this traveling art model thing :] Each shoot so far has been fairly positive and I have a new plan to come back to the area to work with a photographer here who I feel I connected with. The goal will to do a day or few day trip with a few other models. That'd be awesome. But, who knows where or what I'll be doing six months or more from now.

While driving from Portland to Port Townsend along the Hood Canal, this overwhelming urge to silence my music in the car and drive in silence came over me. The huge mossy trees, the ragged branches and the steely water just had this silent demanding presence. I will be simply enjoying myself here - no photoshoots until I get to Seattle. I am hoping the sun will come out tomorrow so I can adventure outdoors a bit more. 

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