Monday, February 11, 2013

Much to Explore

I am on my first solo road trip. Me and my old car have made it successfully to Portland, OR, where I had my first shoot of the trip (today, that is). It went well, much better than expected actually. I have not had much time to explore Portland much though, as it is a short stay here and I've been mostly seeing through my dirty car windows, which is not really seeing the city at all. Today after my shoot I attempted to explore downtown, but with little luck. Perhaps Seattle (two stops from now) will be more promising.

I've always enjoyed driving alone. I tune into my mind and feel the roar of my engine under the beat of my music as I tear down the freeway (safely, mind you). Now I've really gotten to test my limits. I drove about 7 hours (with only two short pit stops) to southern OR where I stayed with some friends. It's so different up here in OR compared with CA. Fascinating, really. I find Portland to be full of beautiful young people, whom I all want to meet and talk with. I am so glad to have a GPS with me - I don't think I could have gotten around with out it, the roads out here are so strange to me.

After my shoot (where I got to play in a large cardboard box) I got two beers and wandered in Powell's City of Books (store). I wished I'd been a wee bit more sober for that adventure. I came back to my 'home-base' where a family friend has been gracious enough to let me stay. She cooked a quick and amazing parsnip-pasta and asparagus dish paired with wine. Probably the most food I've had this whole trip so far -when in travel mode I can somehow go many days only nibbling at food and never actually filling myself, so this was much needed. Yay! Yum.

Tomorrow I have two shoots! Busy day. I love being a nude model. Sometimes I feel really down about it, but so far this trip has only reconfirmed my admiration and determination for doing what I do. I am grateful for this opportunity to travel and explore, both literally/physically but also inside, emotionally. I am at a strange fork in my life, a tipping point with much change forthcoming...and there are decisions to make, paths to consider taking.

 It's only a matter of time and effort.

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