Monday, March 5, 2012

Art Models Unite!

 A sort of "behind the scene" shot of model Keira Grant in her natural environment. Unedited photo taken by me.

 Taken by me. Edited black and white image. Model is Keira.

Edited image, taken by me. Model is Keira.
March 2012.

I've had the opportunity and delight to meet one of my most inspirational/influential art models in the area again, this time to shoot and model a bit together. It was fun, I wished I didn't have to leave when I did, but that's life. I ended up shooting Keira a bit, which is cool for the experience and I actually like some of the photos I took (shocker). I look forward to seeing her images and the ones of both of us modeling together and reuniting with her in the near future :] 

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