Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Post About Props

I like to keep my potential and current collaborators updated with things about me so they can better understand my interests, personality, character, and capabilities. Here I had just thought that I should highlight the random costumes, props, and miscellaneous items I own that could make for nice additions to a photo(shoot), a drawing session, whatever :]


♦ I own several bone bits and skulls, none very large
♦ I own a white wolf tail, two silverfox tails and a coyote tail.
♦ several collections of feathers, including peacock (normal and bleached), turkey, rooster, hawk/owl, pheasant, etc.


LOADS of jewelry - seriously
♦hip/belly chains
♦scarves, fabric
♦skeleton keys
♦black metal handcuffs 
♦old perfume bottles (not the antique kind with the puffer thing)

Costume/Misc Clothing Items 

♦sheer & lace "nighties"
♦lacy leotard as well as a full body leotard (black)
♦an underbust corset in  black
a black and red reversible velvet cloak
♦knee-high platform boots of the goth variety - no high heel, lots of straps/buckles
♦an awesome black cyber-goth outfit! complete with garter leg flares, halter top and mini skirt
♦a small collection of lingerie, tights, thigh high tights (no garters currently, if you purchase me a garter belt you get to shoot me in it! )
♦formal dresses
♦hood hats, fuzzy with ears ^_^
♦pocket/hip belts
♦black satin elbow-gloves
♦feather boas
♦leather bra that I made (looks rustic)

Potential Props 

♦woven baskets
♦HULA HOOPS! -minis, fire, LED, and normal 
♦a lantern
♦a crystal ball 
♦a black briefcase

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