Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life Shift

Photo: Alen Barbosa, 2013

Let's just say that, as a young lady in her early 20's - I have a lot to figure out (no pun intended). My term, it seems, with the GGA has ended for now; I applied for an internship several weeks ago that I just discovered today I did not get. I was actually very much looking forward to that life shift, that new routine I'd get all accustomed to that would maybe hopefully lead to a new kind of lifestyle and would teach me more than I think I know about myself. No such luck, at least, not yet.

So today has been a bit melancholy; but I am still trying to pursue other interests that will lead me somewhere. I'm not sure where I'm trying to go, in general or even as a model. I go back and forth between wanting to really step up my game and do more with my modeling - there could be potential - and yet the next moment I am woefully telling myself that I should just stop and that modeling is nonsense. I believe neither but it is good to recognize that (I'm assuming) all models struggle with this at one point or another. Unless I'm totally wrong and the fact that I do this means something else entirely....

I guess what I'm trying to write is, I'll still have plenty of time to model, for better or worse.
I could really use some refreshing modeling sessions!
Happy 2014 :P

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