Monday, April 29, 2013


Photo by Shane [AspergianLens], April 2013

The modeling life.

It's good.

I had a funny shoot recently, whereupon I was attacked by flesh-eating bugs everywhere we went! I was worried about not giving the photographer enough good shots, as after a minute of posing there would be dozens of insects all over me. Mosquitoes and ants...spring time always seems to be the perfect time for those nude in nature photoshoots, but not always....

I modeled for a watercolor class tonight and felt very pleased with the whole session. I never had very good luck with watercolors myself, they are very strange and almost counter-intuitive to work with to me. I admired the work - so fluid and lose and colorful in a very beautiful way. 

I am hoping that in the near future I will work with some photographers whom I have been looking forward to working with for a while. Scheduling time (for everything) is difficult. 

In May, I will be dog sitting for two weeks. My mom has a standard poodle (who is so energetic and friendly!) who I will be needing to take with me everywhere I go. So if anyone who is wanting to work with me from May 8th to the 24th, and happens to be reading this, please take that into account. 

Stay tuned ;]

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  1. God. Damn. Bugs. Always trying to ruin everybody's good time! Bastards.

    You look beautiful, kudos to the photographer and you for pushing through nature and creating something worth remembering.



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