Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Musings - When a Model Needs a Model

So, in my other life, I am an artist. I am not amazing, still learning, but I adore drawing and painting traditionally. I adore looking at people and animals and things and have that urge to recreate and reinvent and visualize and make marks. And currently, I don't do that enough D: It is what, in fact, got me interested in art modeling to begin with - in a few figure drawing classes, I came to respect and admire the working life of an art model. I was appreciative of their willingness to come pose for the class and share an intimate three or so hours of time exposing their bodies and their personalities through their poses. Some models (like me) are a bit more reserved, or somehow proper, while others are much more edgy and easy-going. I loved all of it - the old, saggy models to the just-my-age models. I loved the male models and the female models. I loved the way some of them brought props and demanded attention from us artists, and the way others were visibly timid. When I thought about it, I realized that I too, could manage sitting still for extended periods of time and being naked. In fact, I really wanted to do that. To be on the other side of the drawing board, so to speak.

When I first met Keira Grant, I also played with photographing her, partially to learn a little more about studio photography with a model and digital photography in general, but was pleased to get some decent reference photos for potential future drawing/painting ideas. I am currently working on a graphite drawing of her (okay, I've been working on it for the last 6 months, and it would have been done by now if it weren't for my taking a break), the first real rendering in graphite I have ever attempted....and it's going pretty all right, if I say so myself. I've had help, a lot of much needed help, from Ryan Frederickson, thank goodness.

In progress graphite drawing by me - from a photo reference I took.
 Model is Keira Grant. 

I'm hoping this will be done in the next week or two. I mean, really, there's like just one leg and a foot left to do, and any additional touches at the end. Then I hope I will continue to make the necessary time for art making. Because, even as an art model, I need models at times. Unfortunately I can't hire models - but there are some amazing models who are willing to help out a couple of artists for the sake of art. That's why we're models?! If I get a chance to repay, or pay models, I would do that, but for now photo references may be the best thing to do. Or sharing paying for figure models. Or something.

I look at a lot of pictures of models. Sometimes I look at them with an open mind and without bringing in any negative thoughts about myself, personally. Other times it's inescapable. Maybe not every model has insecurities, but this one does. This one wonders why she's willing to undress before a group of strangers and create shapes with her body in the first place when she sometimes feels she can't go outside because she just can't look herself in the mirror. It's a funny world.
Sometimes I come across models who I can just tell must be the most awesome people - AND - they have a look I feel inspired by! What do I want to do? Draw them. But can I hire them? NO. So....dilemma. I guess we all have those. Let's just say I'm glad for Keira and look forward to the day(s?) that I can hire and draw models. Who would I want to draw? It depends. Some lovely tattooed people, some lovely men and women and trans people, and definitely people with folds and wrinkles. The more the better.

The more the better.

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