Saturday, August 24, 2013


Sometimes I receive images from photoshoots where I really like my figure (I'm thinking, "Dude, I'd draw that!" haha) but the overall photo is not all that impressive (either from lack of experience in lighting, blurriness, or poor photoshop skills...all of  which takes a lot of time and energy to do well, so I certainly don't blame anyone for having a 'less-than-ideal'-image). It makes me wonder - which is more important, the pose and figure or the overall image? It's an interesting interplay because I typically find that for me, I prefer both (ideally) to work well in the photo. But at times I find that a simple image that is not very well executed can still be visually pleasing if the pose is just right. It also just depends on if the image is to be used for reference, or as a figure study, in which case the photo doesn't have to be interesting per se, but should still have good focus. 

But, nonetheless, I thought I'd share some images of me that I like but feel lack in some way, either on my part (sometimes I am a mauvais, bad, model) or the photographer. Sometimes these photos are from individuals learning basic photo lighting, etc. (not anyone claiming to be professional) so to say that the image is 'bad' is totally inaccurate, and that is not something I am trying to imply here. Just saying, I  think they're almost perfect! :] 

photo by Robert Mandel, 2013

photo by Nelia, 2012

photo by Ilya Malinkov, 2013

photo by Daniel, 2012

photo by Dave Brown, 2012

photo by Alastair Lockett, 2013

photo by Charles Nevols, 2013

photo by Charles Nevols, 2011 or 2012

photo by Winston, 2012

photo by John Green, 2013

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