Sunday, August 25, 2013

Things That Are Still Uncomfortable But Not Quite As Much As They Used To Be Before I Was An Art Model

- parts of my body going numb and falling asleep, resulting in my limping awkwardly off the model stand and that horrible pins-and-needles sensation coupled with almost falling over after each sitting

- spending a long time with my head/neck turned one way

- resting on one elbow, hip, toe, buttcheek...

- feeling like everyone in the room is staring at you...and knowing that they ARE :P

- seeing that little glowing red dot (laser pointer) appear on your body over places like your nipples and groin and trying to not laugh while the instructor is explaining to the students how to measure certain parts of your body and pointing out important light and dark shapes

- waiting for your body to cool down but hyper-aware of that one little sweat drop trickling agonizingly slow down your body...

- when you get a sudden itch somewhere. Knowing that if you wait, it will go away, but nonetheless it's a two minute battle to not reach up and scratch it...

- irresponsible (lol) eye twitches, or other body part twitches

- being cold...and having painfully hard nipples.
(to be continued if I can ever think of other things :P)

The only thing I can say that is STILL uncomfortable if I am modeling is....
the urge to sneeze but not being able to! Why the devil is this so goddamn annoying no matter what?!


Today was the last day of the two week workshop I was doing at the Golden Gate Atelier. A collective sigh of relief to all, but also a little sad. It was fun, but I'm glad to have an opportunity to take a little modeling least till my last Thursday night session next week. I wish I had asked some of the students if I could take photos of their work to share here. I was doing a lovely seated pose on a stool, and everyone made great drawings and paintings for their skill level. I had the chance to speak with some of the students and could tell they were very appreciative of the experience and felt that they were going to be able to take a lot away from it. Yay! I was praised for my modeling, for which I am glad. Always, always, always thank your art models. Sometimes they are struggling, too, but are there for you! (bad rhyme) My bad skin has flared up more and it's been making me feel quite down and awkward to be modeling, but such is life, and I will always stay committed to artists so they can get work done. I will be glad to start September with a new mindset. Yeah, it will probably take me all week to get over it...

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