Monday, September 16, 2013


I have been enjoying my mini-hiatus of modeling, though I did have an awesome spontaneous shoot with the wonderful Dan West, and am pleased to see some neat images from it! 

Photos by Dan West, September 2013

 I'd never modeled on a mirror before - so that was a new experience! Whoops, I may have just given away a great secret...oh well ;] I'm especially in love with the bottom image he compiled. I only wish I could see a color image because the wall was such an interesting color and texture against my skin. If I see anything more I will be sure to share :]

I've been invited to write a little blog post on Model Society  (where I have recently joined; if you are on there let's connect!) so I will be taking time to reflect on my modeling work; what got me inspired/interested, what I do, enjoy about modeling, maybe my perspective on the kind of modeling I do, how it affects me in my normal life and how I feel about how I'm achieving my goals, about my helping others or not.... It will take a while to write it up, but my hope is to get it out this week, and for those of you who are not in the Model Society network, I can share it here when it's finally been featured [:
I look forward to it, as I typically do when given time and space to reflect on myself. I tend to keep very busy and forget to make time for myself; this week may have some of that very necessary time. 


On Sunday I went to go see the current exhibition at the SFMOMA called Beyond Belief. The premise of the show is how artists have used their art to explore and depict religious or spiritual phenomena or experience. I thought I'd share some selected works here. I am not typically one to enjoy modern art, but the admission was free (yay!) and I enjoyed reading about the pieces in the show (connecting them to the piece itself I usually thought the words were better >.< ). 

Some of the figurative works were interesting, and  this one was my favorite. 

I was especially impressed with the fact that this was a larger than life print of a photo (using a technique that I can't remember the name of! arg) on just one large sheet. That'd be a whole hell of a lot of photo developing chemicals and it turned out great! Now does anyone know how that would work? Projection? a really good enlarger? o.O
 Does anyone want to do this with me as their model? haha :D

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