Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Recently with Mauvais...

After the glorious Salon Nuit in SF. Photo by Ryan Frederickson, October 2013.

I love abandoned places. Photo: Dan West, September 2013.
I love the simplicity of this image, and all the repeated patterns in it (the squares/rectangles, the lines of the stairs and my ribs). I also like how my body is nearly silhouetted. 

Reflection...(Dan West, September 2013)
I'm not afraid to stand in cold, stagnant water as long as it's shallow. Preferably, it'd be clear enough to see my feet. I would love to do more work like this!

Shadowplay...(Ryan Frederickson, 2013)
I quickly ducked under a staircase for this shot. I thought the shadows would be a nice experiment for shooting [:

Thoughts on a windowsill... (Ryan Frederickson, 2013)
Why is it that old buildings and naked ladies never gets old? 


Busy, and not busy enough. How does that even work? I'm finding myself struggling to get enough real work done (and so it sounds to me that everyone I know is having the same problem!). I've had some shoots, and a few figure modeling sessions. I continue to crave attending some life drawing sessions where I get to draw rather than model. It'll happen.

I'll be working with some new people soon which is exciting to me. I love working with some of the same people I have in the past, but I always like to cast my net out farther when I can. I do love modeling for that reason (among many others) - I genuinely like to just go out and meet someone, engage for a while, and then come back and think about the experience. I love to hear others' stories and hope they like to hear mine. I think I enjoy the process of getting to know someone more than knowing them (not always true, but I do it so much I do begin to wonder).

I'm looking forward to having some paintings of myself (finished) to share someday, hopefully sooner rather than later, and some new photos to revamp my portfolio. I feel that I am looking for something different to add to it but I'm not sure what it is. 

Finding a somewhat safe (as far as 'safe' goes in a public space where trespassing is prohibited, or where anyone else is around to notice a nude figure) outdoor location to shoot in is somewhat difficult, I'm finding, here in the Bay Area. Has anyone else had similar troubles? I like to revisit some of the old haunts, but it seems that there are more people out at them than I remember. I could really use some help on locations! Sometimes photographers ask me if I know of places and I sadly reply that I do not. As the days get shorter and the cold draws near, I will soon cease to do much outdoor nude shoots at all, which can be a bummer. But, I can focus on other things in the meantime :]

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