Monday, March 2, 2015

Welp, Blogger Bad News, Tumblr Good News?

UPDATE! Turns out blogger won't change it's settings afterall, so here my writings and photos shall stay, hooray!

 So it turns out Blogger may change it's settings regarding blogs with 'adult content' nude photos. Even though my blog here is  mostly dead I still want to blog for more personal writings about my modeling experiences and other musings. If Blogger no longer supports my blog for the nude images it has on there… I am considering just posting to my Tumblr as my new blog. What do you think? I was intending my Tumblr to be for showcasing my images but I think it might be good to just keep one blog in one place, and if Blogger takes down my blog, then I’ll at least have everything on there.  

In the meantime, enjoy this lovely image the marvelous Tiana Hunter (both a model and emerging photographer of amazing skills) has taken of me, just last month :]

Tiana Hunter, 2015

I am very much looking forward to seeing the rest of the finished images - even just the proofs I saw were stunning, though I'm not sharing any until I have some sort of permission to :P

As a quick pick up to what I've been up to recently: college in San Jose, mood swings, one awesome shoot (see photo below) and some trying to make sure I get out and hang out with people because in all honesty I have been feeling pretty lonely here. It's just a matter of my laziness and bad habits, I think - I've been isolating myself and I know this, but it doesn't make it much easier to change that (though I am trying!). I have a tendency to hide/isolate when I'm going through changes or experiencing hardships. It's likely a coping mechanism I've developed since my youth, as I was a pretty neglected child and in order to survive I had to pretend everything was fine, including myself. On a happier note, things have gotten better, and I am feeling happier. Next I just go out and do things and meet people and make sure I keep up good grades...and proooobbbably not in that order ;]

Tom Miltonberger, 2015

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