Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Admirers, forgive me for flaking, slipping off the radar and being silent...
I have been modeling, still, though not much to show of it. I had a week full of modeling (mostly in north bay, which is both awesome and terrible for those who know the traffic patterns...), both a photoshoot and some figure modeling. I must say I still impress myself with my willingness and ability to commit to a pose, withstand elements, people, and improvise decisively. These are some of the things models do with ease and grace which I am happy to know that I (maybekindasorta) have. My observations of figure models when I was still an active student attest to that, as well as my interactions with other traveling art models who inspire me. I may have to take a break when I begin school, but, this is a trade I feel fortunate to have for some time.

Speaking of school...it does seem that I will be starting early January 2015. EEP and HOLY FUCK. I'm so ready and so not ready. Ready to do something else, be somewhere else, focus on me, get back into my art, get out of my comfort zone, make new connections. I really can't say what my plans are beyond that; I will need to get my toes wet before I can predict the temperature of the water. I do know that if I can continue my modeling without risking my academic/artistic performance that I will gladly do that (and hope to!). But it is true even still, that we must take care of ourselves before we can care for others.

Oh yeah, here's an awesome image from my short, but sweet, reunion with Keira Grant and Warren Hukill earlier this month:

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