Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer Trips

Photo: FotoKammer, 2015

I'm excited to do my first attempt at a short (but sweet!) art model tour in NYC this month. I'm still eagerly searching for work in the area, messaging and emailing extensively, but just glad that I'm going to just get out and go. That's been a very strong urge for me lately, to get out and go. I'm not sure how well I'll do out there, but the opportunity presented itself to me and so I am taking it head on. Even if I can't quite get the amount of work I need to make a tour like this work, at least I'll have new experiences and time with friends. I'll be looking forward to updating here while I'm on my summer modeling trips (there are three lined up so far!) to go over my experiences. That is what this blog is intended for, anyway... 

In just a matter of days I will head into the great Sierras to model, and I'm very much looking forward to it. It will be a small team, one other model and the same photographer who took the image above. We've all worked together before with great results. I couldn't be more grateful for finding people with whom I can continually explore and create with. It's really humbling :] Look for my next update. I'm sure I'll be exhausted but happy.

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