Monday, September 28, 2015


It was surely a stunning sight, and one I feel fortunate to have been able to see. I was not able to get any decent photos to share, but I'm sure there are plenty out there in case you missed it. 

After I attended Symbiosis last weekend, my world has gotten a little out of hand...sickness followed, and I am behind on schoolwork, feeling fatigued and unmotivated (again). This is a familiar cycle. My whole life is a cycle of hard to break the negativity that prevails at times. How is is that some people have such an endless supply of energy and strength? I'll get there. I just have to try something new for myself, maybe, as my newest acquaintance today seems to have done for himself. Today I had the pleasure to meet and work with John Ligda, an immediately warm and genuine man whom I am glad to have met. Our conversation was not just light and bubbly, but intimate and honest, and for this I am grateful. Part of my never-ending interest in modeling is the connecting to people I meet. I am definitely a people-person, and crave interaction with all kinds of souls from different backgrounds and walks of life. John has inspired me in some ways today with his new and improved outlook on life. Maybe I too can achieve this.

In the four hours of modeling for him I did become quite sore, physically exhausted even, as I am the kind of model that always chooses to push myself as much as I can. As I have just gotten over a nasty cold and fever, it was nice to have the energy to model again. After I returned to my home base at school, I had to collapse for a bit to recollect thoughts and rest. I have some of the drawings John did of me today to share, with his permission. He was certainly an anomaly in terms of the types of artists I typically model for; his work, freely expressive, resembles energy, unseen forces or elements with just a touch of reality to anchor them. Enjoy!

All drawings by John Lidga, 2015.

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  1. What a unique vision. It is difficult to see "you"in the first two, but to have inspired that work must have been wonderful.


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