Monday, February 1, 2016

An Update.

What's up in the Mauvais Art Model woooorrrrrrld? (haha)
I've had a slow January modeling-wise, but it was still well spent regardless. I am now back in school, and trying to book every damn weekend I can for shoots and modeling for artists. So, keep that in mind if you're a photographer and reading this... :P

I got to model for a long pose full figure drawing, a portrait painting session, and some epic wilderness shoots with my favorite photographer. I got the pleasure of meeting a new model and we worked together which was also quite lovely. I'm looking forward to what February will hold for me modeling-wise. I have reached out to some art schools with no response as of yet but I remain hopeful and in good spirits otherwise (thank goodness!)

Liv Sage & Mauvais, taken by Randall Hobbet Jan. 2016.
 (can't wait to see more from this session :))

So now off I go back to working on my own art, since I have been dreadfully stagnant in my personal creative flow. I'm finally out of the Hating Myself For Not Doing Art stage, but if I wait much longer to get things rolling, I will fall right back into that trap. Modeling helps me stay afloat, but in the end what it is that I want to be doing more is my own thing, and right now I am more committed to modeling, which is great for everyone else, but not (No, this is not me saying that I will cease modeling. It is my job and a passion of mine and I am still committed to it. No burn out yet! :P)

With love,

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