Thursday, December 3, 2015

Photoshoot Ideas

Finally, something inside me has clicked, and I have vague (at least they’re existent) ideas for some cool photoshoots.
- anything with colored gel lights, I’ve shot with these like once before and the effects and emphasis on form were so great, I was surprised no one else bothers to try it out. I feel like figurative work would be best for this, in a studio setting (obviously).
- Human Zen Garden. Know of a sandbox somewhere (safely secluded ideally) a nude human form (ahem, me?) could sprawl, crawl, drag herself along, and potentially create some neat trails at the same time? Better yet, someone needs to build a set for this.
- jewelry craziness, because really, I just want to put on too much jewelry and see what happens.
 - black lights, shiny stuff, and iridescent body paint
- climbing trees with really long crazy dress with a long train (wedding dress?)
that’s it for now.

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