Monday, November 30, 2015

Self Portraits of Strange

Well, this post is a bit more revealing in some ways than my typical content here. I'm including some self-portraits that I've taken and edited myself. Even though I'm not a photographer, I do think it is important to have basic knowledge of shooting manually in a camera. I don't do any edits that are super drastic either, as I try to make the photo as best I can in the camera first. Aesthetically I prefer less edited images anyway. 
These series of photos are ones I've taken for photo assignments this semester, but thought they might be worth sharing here. I may model for finances, but I also enjoy the art form, and do think I understand it on a basic level. I have an old camera, but it works for me :] I do wish I had a remote, however, as timing is a drag at times, and can feel limiting to what I'm able to do. I also dream of making some nice enough self portraits to sell as prints sometime. 
 Comments, suggestions, advice, always appreciated, unless of course it's rude AF :P
Enjoy! Or not, that's okay.

All photos are mine!

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