Sunday, July 17, 2016

Explorations - Summer update

Photos shot by Spencer, edited by me.

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Summer is well under way, and sadly to say my modeling adventures are far and few between. I've only had two shoots this season! My banking account is sad and I am sad that I am not a better business woman. But nonetheless, I continue to go out and about my days, work when I can, study often, and try to plan trips...I'll be back in school mid-August, so I'm trying to soak up as much free time until then to do what I want to do and see who I want to see. I am looking forward to the semester starting up again, at least, in theory.

I recently returned from the Oregon Shapespeare Festival (never fails to impress!), got to explore some stellar abandoned haunts, and a wonderful bodyscape shoot with a photographer whom I haven't worked with in 4 years! Man does time fly...

All these photos were shot by me :]

I am eager to do more photoshoots, but I am not sure many others are as eager. Summer is a difficult time. I've been drawing plenty, which has been a great tradeoff from modeling for drawing groups. I really do enjoy both sides of the easel :] I've always tried to keep my personal artwork and modeling artwork separate, but wondering if it's time to merge the two, or at least be more revealing in what I do. As a fine artist, I have not received any commissions or sold any work, and it occurred to me that there may be people for whom I've modeled for who might want a token from me. If you are reading this and the thought interests you, do email me and let me know! 

Until then, I'll be off and trying to be productive [:

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