Saturday, January 14, 2012

First duo modeling sesh

Last Saturday, I believe it was, I had the joy of trying out my first duo modeling with another model and a photographer I have worked with once before. I was initially a little nervous as I'd never worked with another model before. I was mostly nervous about how my body might respond to the situation, regardless of my mindset. But it was a comfort for me to know that the other model, "Flash" had never done a duo nude shoot before, either. We had never met before this shoot. I had a very positive experience, and feel more confident about modeling with other models in general, and know I could/would work with Flash again.

It was freezing in the studio when I arrived. We sat in front of the portable heaters and could still see our breaths in the heat coming from them.  After Flash arrived, we waited to see if the studio would warm up enough for us to continue our shoot. In the meantime, we discussed ideas and looked at images of poses we thought might be interesting to try. Luckily the studio warmed up and we could shoot.

Flash was calm and gentle in person. I felt at ease posing with him, even if some of the poses we held were a bit strenuous, and a bit intimate. I thought we worked well together. There was a sense of  peace, and a bit of excitement. My injured foot also held up well (as you can see in the last photo, ahhahaa).

I'm still waiting on all the finished photos from Eric, who I also enjoyed working with again. He's funny and chill. I felt comfortable working with him the first time I met him, also. It's a nice feeling...just knowing that the people you are with are safe, and that you can just be yourself in their presence. That's how I feel modeling should, comfortable, fun, and rewarding.

What I was going for in this shoot, the concept of couple modeling in general, was more of comparative anatomy, in this case, of a male and female form. I was inspired by other couple photos I'd seen on the web, and thought it'd be an interesting challenge for a new model such as myself. I think we got some successful images. What I didn't think would appear in the images was the sense of beauty and strength and even a sense of something almost romantic that I see in our photos. But that's one of the cool things about just shooting an idea without a very specific image in mind that is being recreated - something else interesting appears, unplanned for, that may be even better than what you were expecting.

Photos taken by Eric Hiss


  1. I'm glad you've decided to make a blog to share experiences and photos! I especially like these two photos, and more than ones you've shared on tumblr (perhaps I am biased). The first is my favorite, I love the off-set mirror type symmetry going on. The second reminds me of this, which I saw on tumblr after reading this post. I'm excited to read and see more, to share in this experience with you :)

  2. Yay! Thank you :]
    And that photo is amazing! I wish I were more flexible. I better get working on that :P

  3. (what I mean is, thank you for your support [: )

  4. That was such a great shoot. You and Eric did such an awesome job. And if anyone needs to get more flexible, it would be me, haha.


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