Monday, January 30, 2012


Photography by Aero, January 2012

The last photoshoot I had went well. It was gorgeous outside, and after Aero and I met up somewhere in the Oakland hills, we drove along a windy road and stopped near a fire road (no trespassing). We gathered our things and went there. We ended up doing quite a bit of hiking, maybe a little too much for my still-healing leg and foot, because it was definitely hurting by the time we were on the walk back to the car. Aero and I talked openly about family relations, intimate relationships, personality types, art, travel, school, and many other things, some of which I was surprised two strangers could talk about upon first meeting, which I think is awesome.

I wish I knew exactly where we went because it was a beautiful place, quiet and remote (and I'm sure we would have been totally f*cked if we were caught). There was a lake, pristine, untouched, gorgeous old trees, strange calling birds and deer. The road was flat, easy to walk on (thankfully for my foot!) and it was sunny and warm unless you were standing naked in the shade or by the water, as I was, of course.

I think I tend to be a little stiff when it comes to modeling with someone new for the first time. I wish I knew how to get past this, but I haven't quite gotten it down yet. I think I was also a bit confused because it seemed like he wanted to do a sort of casual-fashiony shoot but then he also wanted nudes, so I wasn't quite sure how to be posing. Luckily for me he was comfortable directing me...I just hope (as always) that I wasn't a disappointment. I'm guessing not, because he wants to work with me again soon, which is great because I really like how his work turns out. Maybe he just wants to help me pose better :P

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