Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo by Eric Hiss, November 2011

I had another fun shoot with Eric today. I was supposed to be working with another photographer but she couldn't make it for some reason. Luckily it was lovely weather today so I wasn't freezing in the studio. I received a large print of the above photo from Eric today. It makes me happy :] I'd put it up on my wall here in my bedroom, but, I'd feel strange if my parents saw it.

My hands are still sore from hanging around in a huge metal ring suspended from a huge metal hook on a huge metal stand. I have wanted to model in this thing since I first spotted it in Eric's studio, back when we first shot in November last year. And yes! We finally got around to it. 

We also played with some lasers and shiny fabrics. It'll be interesting to see how those turned out. 
I enjoy working with Eric. He's a good guy. 

Tomorrow I work with someone new, and, we'll see how that goes. Shooting in a forest, yay!


  1. I am really liking all of the photos you've posted. :D It definitely seems to me like you're growing as a model - and also, damn, I'm really liking Eric's photography work too, haha.

    This is an awesome print, and I think it would look awesome put up in your room somewhere. Could you maybe put it in your room and have a curtain or something so when you don't feel like looking at it/chancing your parents seeing it, you could cover it up? Just an idea.

  2. Yeah. I also like Eric's photography, which makes it all the better to work with him! We definitely share aesthetic tastes and he's great at pushing me without being overly demanding.

    I might think about putting the print behind my door or something, where my folks and anyone visiting my bedroom may not see it right away. It's not a terribly 'exposing' photo, but, I'm unsure what my parents would think, haha.

    Thanks for the comment :] I like knowing people look at this thing!

  3. This photo inspired me to try something similar this week. I have seen others like it, but I have access to a location and "containers" to make it happen now.

  4. That's awesome Mike :] How did they turn out?


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