Monday, February 24, 2014


I've had some fun new shoots recently, with some fun new photographers :] It feels very good to be expanding my horizons and making new connections. I have yet to see the finished images from some but I am quite excited for them. I have been very busy, with my new job (this may be good for a future post, but yes I had to get a little shit job because it is very difficult to make enough as an art model who doesn't travel) and modeling, and my old job. Let's just give a collected nervous bit of laughter at the wonderment of it all. I'm a working girl, for sure.

I love how modeling can bring to my day so many weird moments, bits of uncontrollable laughter, adventures, and putting minds together to make something awesome. Sometimes it's what wasn't planned for that makes it all. Plus little dogs, little dogs climbing all over me while I'm modeling is great too. :P

I did receive some of these images from a new shoot last night. They are very soft focused, airy. I enjoyed working with this photographer, but I think we'd work better in the great outdoors. I sometimes find that I get a little stale in my posing when working in the studio...

 John Goyer. 2014 
(PS: If you look closely you wills see that I no longer have metal adorning my ears, or gauges. Weird or awesome?)

And also this song because I can't stop listening to it. ADD much?

(but yes, still have the tattoo :P)

 John Goyer. 2014 
(I'm so cheesy)

 John Goyer. 2014 

I also had the joy of photographing a lovely model - Miss Candace Nirvana - over the last few weeks. Because models will take photos of models as well ;] Yay new model friends! Here are some photos of mine that I took of her. I had fun playing with effects. Obviously. 

Photo is mine.

 Photo is also mine.

And yes, this one is mine too.

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  1. The photos of you are beautiful — as you say, light and airy. I particularly like the gracefulness of the third image, and love the gown, too.

    I particularly like the second of your three photos, and the M shape you incorporated into the post work.


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