Saturday, April 19, 2014

Long Pose - Days Three & Four - end of Week One! :]

I made it though my first week of this pose with a whole lot less pain that I was anticipating. Thank goodness! I'm pleased. I've done a few long poses before - roughly the same amount of hours only less days a week; this is the first long pose where I've held the pose four days in a row. I must say I've started out well considering how badly things seemed to be going for me physcially just before the start. Yay!

On the third day of my pose, I remember I was thinking a little more about whether or not it was true that what I'd said before that it took a good three days before my body adjusted...I was feeling  a bit  tired (though I got a full night's sleep), but not in as much pain as I anticipated. (I pretty much prepare for the worst, and am pleasantly surprised when things go well...does that make me a pessimist?...)
The studios were all full of students - I don't try to eavesdrop but when there is no music playing and no one talking in the model room, I can hear just about everything everyone says in the next room over, and a few words here and there in the next next room over - and I was wishing I was a part of the school rather than just another model. Spirits lifted later, and I went on a walk to grab coffee after my session  and was called from across the street from a woman in a car. on my walk back...who turned out to be my cousin! Craziness aside, we chatted on the side of the road for a bit and I felt very glad to have run into her. I do have family resting at the glorious Mountainview Cemetery and it turned out she was leaving from visiting them just when she recognized me on the side of the street....what a treat! :P

Thursday, the fourth day of my pose. I was feeling it. I was in pain, at least at the end of the session. But I was able to hold it together. I kept thinking - "Don't quit on them and the won't quit on you". That is my modeling mantra. That is why I get upset when people pack up and leave in the middle of my pose...unless they've stated that they need to do so for some reason. But with no reason stated and no warning, when people pack and leave when I'm still standing naked and bothers me to nearly no end. This never happens at the GGA, but I am making note that it has happened at other venues and I am so glad for it no happening at this school. They don't quit on me. I won't quit on them.
It was just me and the students this day; they seem to be progressing well and when I look at their drawings I wish I could say something that would be meaningful or supportive, but I struggle to know what to say so I stay silent. 

After my long pose session I went to do a photoshoot in SF with a traveling photgrapher. It was positive! I'm grateful he took the opportunity to work with me. I see a new connection here. 

These are my favorites:


Okay good night all, I'll be writing to you again next week. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I particularly like the gracefulness of the pose in the fist image. I love the diagonals of you pose against the vertical/horizontal lines of the windows behind you.


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