Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Long Pose - Days One & Two :]

 *Not my image; see caption on photo*

I am two days into my long pose at the GGA and feeling very good about it so far! :] I found an image of a drawing that is sort of similar to the pose I am doing just so you get an idea - but perhaps later you will see better images, and of me [: I'm doing a standing pose, rear-view, and wondering what the students will decide to do about my tattoo...haha. If the lighting is similar to the image about then it won't be very noticeable...not that it matters to me, I like my tattoo and hope others do too.

I had my modeling session Monday, bright and early (3.5 hours) and after we fussed with figuring out the pose I held it for the remainder of the time. So far the pose feels good, no pains on that first day at all. I was a little worried because I am putting weight on my left knee/leg - the one with the 
scar tissue - but I am able to counter the weight on my right leg when I need to. I was impressed with how confidently the students started out their drawings! They sure know how to use their time effectively :] It will be fun to see them progress in their drawings and paintings. I admit being a little envious because I want to be drawing and painting too!

After my session Monday I went for a walk to stretch out and move my tired leg muscles and grab coffee. It's been lovely outside here lately, and it felt nice to get my mind and eyes stimulated again (after hours of mostly staring in one spot and listening to the sounds of charcoal rubbing paper and shuffling feet, I start to feel a little stir crazy). Again I enjoyed the sun when I returned to my home base, eating my lunch slowly and relaxing before heading out to work in Lafayette. 

Today was a bit different. I woke earlier than my alarm, and felt twinges of pain in my left hip already. I was worried, again, but had some ibuprofen handy and by the time I was modeling again I felt okay. I took a nap after lunch, when I was back at my home base, which I am not sure was the best thing to do because I will still need to be in bed by 10pm (!) I am feeling the tension in my left hip a bit, but it is not unbearable yet. I joked with one of the students that it takes about three days of a pose for me to really know and feel the damage it might do to my body. Kind of true, so, we'll see how tomorrow goes. I've been doing well so far, I'd hate to start having troubles when I still have four more weeks of this to go. When I am complete with this pose, it will be the longest pose I've done yet, totaling 65 hours of my life dedicated to the training artists. WoO!

In the meantime, expect to see more updates. I was thinking of blogging every day about my experience modeling for the day :] hopefully that won't get too repetitive. I'd love it if anyone asked me questions about my figure modeling or anything else they'd like to know to help get my posts jogging [:

Till next time! ♥

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